New Year-New Beginnings 2017

This is my first Blog (wish me luck).  This is a new way I found to be an outlet to better my life and I hope that I can help others, while helping myself in the process. Perhaps my experience and advice can help many others in similar situation or inspire a change for someone who needs it and let them know they are not alone.  It’s so much easier to give advice to others than to take your own advice.  This past year 2016 have been filled with so much stress, it literally was one thing after another. I felt so alone and drowning.  I was not sure how I was gonna get through it all.  Now I’m looking forward to New beginnings.  You don’t need to wait till each new year to make changes, everyday is a chance to make changes and better yourself.   It just so happens its January 1st, but even if it was May 6th or October 24th, its still a great time to start over, re-evaluate things and make a plan to make changes. You need to make the choice you want better and make it happen, I promise you can do it.  It maybe hard, it probably will be hard but you will be happier in the end.

This New Year 2017 I plan to focus on reclaiming my own personal power, to remove toxic relationships and focus on the ones I love (including myself).  If you don’t first learn to love yourself, then it will be harder to love others. I plan to to let go of the guilt I can carry around at times about so many things, all the regret I have and set myself free! I plan to take better care of myself and yes, be a little selfish but in a good way.

Happy New Year 2017!


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